Since 1999, the International Gemological Alliance (IGA) has been ensuring the authenticity and proper appraisal of diamonds worldwide. Our diamond certification process has been a trusted alternative to more expensive certifications such as GIA and IGI. With the same level of quality and expertise, you are assured of quality reports every time.

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Raquel and Nikki Del Rosario – 3rd Generation Jewelers and certified by GIA.

International Gemological Alliance is led by Raquel Del Rosario, a 3rd Generation Jeweler. Together with her sister, Nikki, both are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the leading school for gemologists worldwide. They ensure that diamonds are graded using the strictest process. Each report is counter-checked to ensure quality is maintained at all times. The reports are stored in our database to ensure that they can be retrieved anytime by the owners (or future owners).

Why is diamond certification important?

Whenever you purchase high-value items such as diamonds, it pays to be sure that the value of what you are purchasing is true and correct. Having a diamond certificate from a reputable laboratory such as IGA adds a layer of security and guarantee that what is being sold is what you are actually purchasing. For casual diamond purchasers, it is very hard to distinguish one diamond from another. The diamond certificate helps ensure it’s real.

Whenever you sell diamond jewelry, having a proper diamond certificate helps keep the value of the item high as it is certified by an external party other than the seller. This increases the level of confidence of the buyer and helps facilitate the sale of diamond jewelry.

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